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Being involved in our community is important to our mission at Pet World.

If you're interested in applying for a donation (or sponsorship) from Pet World please use the form below. All APPROVED requests will be contacted within 3 weeks of submission.

1st graders checking out their new fish tank!

Pet World at the 2nd Annual Kids Summer Fun Fair

Donation requests are reviewed every other Wednesday. Approved requests will hear from us via email by the second Wednesday after submission. If three Wednesdays pass after your submission and you've not heard from us that means your request was not approved this time. Please understand we are a small, local business and we always do what we can. Follow up emails regarding unapproved requests won't change what we're able to give and are generally not answered. Approval depends on our remaining budget at the time of request and alignment with the PetWorld mission.

Thank you and best of luck with your fundraising!

Pet World sponsored girl's softball team!

4th graders checking out their new bearded dragon!

Employees during our pink promotion during October


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Application process can take 3 weeks, please give us adequate time to process yours.

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Employment Opportunities

Voted BEST PLACE TO WORK in Lawrence, Pet World has long been known as an amazing work experience. We offer highly sought after internships and paid apprenticeships that can turn into flexible short and long term paid positions. After your time at PW, which is usually about 4-5 years for most, we'll help you complete an expert resume to launch a great career! Interested in joining the Pet World team? Check out our Employment Opportunities page for more info.

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