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Parents Night Out!

This program is not only designed to be fun and educational, but also to offer an opportunity for a "parents night out!" You can enjoy your evening out, knowing that your kids are safe and secure, having a great time with us!

First aid, rescue and CPR certified, our well-trained staff will take great care of your kids! We guarantee they have never had sitters quite like those at Pet World!


Animals After Dark

animals-after-darkEvery month during the school year, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm, different age ranges each month!


Next Animals After Dark is March 18, 2017! 7-9 year olds!

Next Animals After Dark is April 1, 2017! 5-7 year olds!


6:00-6:30pm Drop Off, Sign In, Playtime
Kids gather in the Education Room and get signed in, put their stuff in their cubby, then proceed to Pet Playtime! Kids have optional stations with live animals including warm blooded furries like bunnies, guinea pigs and birds!

6:30-7:15pm Dinnertime
Around 6:30pm we put our animals away and clean up. For dinner we have pizza delivered from a local pizza parlor, and discuss our plans for what additional pets we want to experience, what games we want to play, etc. Then we eat pizza! (Soda is not offered, sorry. Only water.)

7:15-8:00 Closing Time
After dinner we wash up and help put the animals to bed! At this point the store is closed and the doors are locked so the kids have a little more freedom to safely roam. They can choose any department and work with employees to prepare the animals for the night – even fishroom!

8:00pm-9:00pm Animal Time

After closing procedures are completed kids can have one on one interactions with additional optional pets such as ferrets, chinchillas, birds, lizards and tarantulas! We split up into groups and interact with as many animals as we can!

9:00-9:45 After Dark Time!
Around 8:45pm we’ll get the “15 minutes til lights out” warning and prepare for lights out. We get ourselves ready for bed, taking a restroom break and changing into our pajamas (optional, but preferred by most -- even the adults). Around 8:55 we get the five minute warning and gather to hide and giggle in our secret place, flashlights in hand. When everyone is ready, and the other employees are leaving to go home, the lights go out! The kids squeal out loud because they know it’s time to explore! Armed with our flashlights we venture out into the store to see what the animals do while Pet World is closed and everyone else is sleeping. We play games and explore all the secret places at Pet World where no one else can go!

9:45-10:00 Parent Pick Up
Near the end of the program, we turn on the lights and bring the kids to the front door for parent pick up between 9:45 and 10pm. Parents can all park in front and know when the lights go on, it’s safe to enter. The kids will be tired and ready for bed!

Registration fee is $50 per child or two for $75.

Please bring your own flashlight with your name on it and pajamas (optional). Kids are assigned a cubby for the evening to keep all their stuff together. Text us at any time if you need to pick up your child early or just want to check in and see how things are going.

Enjoy your evening out, knowing that your kids are safe, having a great time with us! First aid, rescue and CPR certified, our well-trained staff will take great care of your kids! We guarantee they have never had sitters quite like those at Pet World!

All registration is limited, handled on a first come, first served basis, and must be prepaid to be guaranteed a spot.

Download Animals After Dark Registration Form Here!


recycleWhenever possible please print on both sides of recycled paper.

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