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Tortoise Feeding

Every year as it gets colder outside our giant, rescued, sulcata tortoises must come inside for the winter. These big guys (and gals) live on Pet World's version of an "African Savannah" during the summer - quarter acre pens (in the middle of an 80 acre nature preserve) complete with a green house, shade trees, and all the grass and sunshine they can handle! But as it cools off every year they come inside to their winter home on exhibit at Pet World.


Our tortoises inside at Pet World being hand fed, in their outdoor enclosure being fed by our Animal Camp kids and a shot of some of our camp kids hiking to see the tortoises during Critter Camp.

These iconic tortoises are an absolute blast to have in the store during the winter! Their personality and antics make them a favorite of the staff and customers alike.

Every day at 4 o'clock we break out a big bag of lettuce and offer customers the unique experience of hand feeding one of these giant tortoises! We’ll teach you (and your kids) the safe, correct way to feed them. It's a fun time and free for the entire family! Bring your camera and get some shots feeding our giant tortoises!

Can't make it in at 4 o'clock? No problem. You can feed a tortoise anytime for $1 if we have the correct lettuce on hand. The tortoises are on exhibit October - May.

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