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Holiday Specials

Pet World is offering a week of free boarding with any new pet purchased with a complete* set-up! If you have been waiting for Christmas to give that special pet to your child or loved one, we have a special deal just for you. We'll keep it and take care of it at Pet World free for a week. Additional days are available, too, if you want to keep it there longer so you can surprise that special someone closer to Christmas. Boarding will be at our normal rate of $5/day! We'll even be open until 4pm on Christmas Eve so you can board your new pet until the last minute!

As well as offering free boarding for a week we have a lot of holiday sales going on!
These are just a few from each department, so make sure to come in to see all of our sales!

Green Tree Python
Green Tree Pythons are very cool, mostly "ornamental" snakes in that they don't tolerate handling much and are happiest left alone to show off in their terrariums. They start yellow or red like the one pictured and as they get older turn green; one of the only snakes that changes colors through it's life!

They are on sale this holiday season for $274.99 with the purchase of a complete* set-up!

Blue tongued skinks are a unique lizard that makes a great addition to any reptile owner's collection. These stubby-legged lizards naturally from Australia are typically easy going when it comes to handling and eat canned dog food as well as fruits and vegetables!

They are on sale this holiday season for $99.99 with the purchase of a complete set-up*!

Frogs (pictured is a bumble bee dart frog) make awesome pets for adults and children alike! While you don't hold your pet frogs they are fun additions to the family as a lot of tree frogs can be heard croaking at night and frogs such as dart frogs will be out during the day! Frogs thrive in live planted terrariums that are often times beautiful on their own - your frog only adds to how cool they are!

All frogs are on sale this holiday season for 10% off regular price with the purchase of a complete set-up*!

Chinese water dragons are our staff's lizard of choice when it comes to an iguana-esque lizard! They don't get as big as green iguanas (which can top out at 6ft long!), only getting around 4ft they stay easily handleable and great pets. Cricket eaters, these guys like big water dishes and lots of branches to hang out on.

They are on sale this holiday season for $24.99 with the purchase of a complete set-up*!


Sulcatta tortoises are truly unique pets! If you've ever been to our store in the winter time you've met our giant tortoises, well we also sell babies of the same kind of tortoise. If you love tortoises and have some extra space for when these dudes get big they are awesome pets. They get to know you and can be hand fed plus sport a lot of personality!

They are on sale this holiday season for $99.99 with the purchase of a complete set-up*!


Parakeets (or budgies) are great first time birds for anyone. They are easily trained to make loving pet birds and will learn whistles and the males can even learn to talk! One of the few hook billed birds that telling gender is easy on, you look at the birds cere (the area around their nostrils, just above their beak) males have blue or purple ceres while females have dull, often times brown and flaky ceres.

They are on sale this holiday season for $9.99 with the purchase of a complete set-up*!

Rabbits make good pets for children, families or singles alike! They can even be litter box trained, a lot like a cat, and be allowed to spend a lot of time outside of their cage running about your house. All they ask in return is for things to chew on, food, plenty of hay and all of the attention you can muster up for them!

They are on sale this holiday season for $10 off with the purchase of a complete set-up*!


Fluval never ceases to amaze us with the neat things they come up with for the fish hobby! One of their newest tanks, the Fuval EBI, is designed for shrimp keeping (but the attractive tank design makes it ideal for any desktop tank). It's a 30L glass tank set-up which includes a care guide, background, Fluval's substrate made for shrimp, lighting system (compact fluorescent light), telescopic shrimp net, thermometer, internet filter as well as a water conditioner, food and supplements all designed for shrimp keeping!

When you buy this tank set-up this holiday season for $84.99 you will receive a $20 Pet World gift-card redeemable for your shrimp. (or fish if you choose!)


Marineland has also come out with a new tank kit that consists of an all glass 10 gallon tank with a built in hood that sports their new, energy efficient LED lights - not just the daytime ones but also the blue ones for nighttime! Also included in these kits is a Penguin 100 BIO-Wheel power filter, 50w submersible heater, 4" net, thermometer as well as fish food and water conditioner samples.

They are on sale this holiday season for $74.99!

*By set-up we just ask you buy the new pet with an adequate cage, food, bedding and water/food dishes to get the week free boarding. In the case of the free boarding you will be responsible for taking home the set-up, we will only board the animal. We will also still board animals without buying a set-up, but it will be at the $5/day rate.

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